Xem phim 18+ Phim Gái Gọi (18+) FULL – A Call Girl – Slovenka (2009)

I saw this last month at the 2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival and writer/director Damjan Kozole was at my screening for an audience Q&A following the film. Aleksandra (Nina Ivanisin) who is called Sasha is a pretty 23 year old college student from the town of Krsko who is studying in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. To live in nice uptown apartment is above her economic means so to do so she becomes a call girl and advertises her services under the name ‘Slovenian Girl’. It’s Slovenia’s turn to preside over the European Union so Sasha feels she could make a lot of money from European diplomats and businessmen who are in the capital during Slovenia’s E.U. presidency. One of her clients is an overweight older German diplomat who dies from a heart attack while in her company. She calls the hotel’s front desk to report it and splits before they arrive. She becomes a national tabloid sensation as television and newspapers try to find the mysterious ‘Slovenian Girl.’ Two sinister pimps, Mile (Dejan Spasic) and Peter (Aljoša Kovacic) have their own plans for her. Her old boyfriend Grega (Uroš Fürst) wants to renew their romance. Her father Edo (Peter Museuski) is getting his old band back together with his best pal Zoravko (Primoz Pirnat) back home in Krsko. This is a moody and dark film with a great cast and story and a remarkable performance by Ivanisin who is in virtually every scene considering it’s her first film role. great production design by Maja Moravec, cinematography by Ales Belak and editing by film vets Jurij Moskon and Adrija Zafranovic. nice soundtrack from the electronic music group silence. I would expect this to get distribution in American art house theaters. I would recommend it and give it an 8.0 out of 10.Gái Gọi (18+) VietSub, Gái Gọi (18+) Thuyết Minh, Gái Gọi (18+) Bản Đẹp, Phụ đề Gái Gọi (18+) A Call Girl – Slovenka VietSub, A Call Girl – Slovenka Thuyết Minh, A Call Girl – Slovenka Bản Đẹp, Phụ Đề A Call Girl – Slovenka Gái Gọi (18+) v1vn, Gái Gọi (18+) phim3s, Gái Gọi (18+) phim47, Gái Gọi (18+) hdonline, Gái Gọi (18+) phimmoi, Gái Gọi (18+) phimbathu, Gái Gọi (18+) phimhayso, Gái Gọi (18+) phim7, Gái Gọi (18+) mphim, Gái Gọi (18+) phimhd, Gái Gọi (18+) phimnhanh, Gái Gọi (18+) phimf, Gái Gọi (18+) phimvang, Gái Gọi (18+) kst, Gái Gọi (18+) kites, Gái Gọi (18+) phim4d, Gái Gọi (18+) phim4g, Gái Gọi (18+) vuaphim, Gái Gọi (18+) hayghe, Gái Gọi (18+) topphim, Gái Gọi (18+) phim88, Gái Gọi (18+) xuongphim, A Call Girl – Slovenka DVDRIP, A Call Girl – Slovenka 720p BluRay x264 Gái Gọi (18+) Tập 1, Gái Gọi (18+) Tập 2, Gái Gọi (18+) Tập 3, Gái Gọi (18+) Tập 4, Gái Gọi (18+) Tập 5, A Call Girl – Slovenka Episode 1, A Call Girl – Slovenka Episode 2, A Call Girl – Slovenka Episode 3, A Call Girl – Slovenka Episode 4, A Call Girl – Slovenka Episode 5,

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